All About Me & My Horses

Hello everyone! (as in everyone I mean the few people who will be reading my blog at this point). My name is Nicole Timm. I am a 16 year old girl living in the coldness of Wisconsin (even though its pretty hot out right now) trying to make her way to the top levels of eventing. I have been riding competitively for only a couple years and lessoning for about 5 years. I own two wonderful horses whom I love very much. I have an 11 year old bay OTTB gelding named Special Edition (Eddie) who I have owned for 3 1/2 years. I will be moving him up to novice at Richland at the end of the month! I recently just got a new horse named Acclimation (Mia). She is an 11 year old bay trakehner mare who has competed up to training level. She currently has a strained suspensory injury and will be able to come back in about 4 weeks! Once she is back, we will do another novice and then bump right back up to training level! I ride with Sara McGowan, who is an amazing trainer and person. I also used to ride weekly with Chrissy Hollnagel, until she moved to Florida a month or so ago. So now, I will ride with her every once in a while when she hosts clinics at our barn. I also will be going down to Ocala, Florida during the months of January – February to compete and train with Chrissy and other well-known riders. I am very excited for the rest of this show season and for next year. My goals are to move up to prelim with Mia either during the winter or in the spring and to move Eddie up to training level down in Florida.

I am very lucky to have two amazing parents who love me and support my passion. I am also so lucky to own two amazing horses and to ride with such an amazing trainer. And I hope that some people out there will love to follow me & my horses throughout this journey called life(-:





Recently, Bit of Britain posted about looking for three young riders to sponsor in 2017. I believe that I would be an excellent candidate for the opportunity because of my passion for eventing. I have great drive & motivation to improve my riding each and every day. I also am very passionate about horse care. I always want the best for my horses and I think Bit of Britain has great products to provide that care. Although I have only competed at training level twice, I feel that my mare Mia and I have been successful together. Every day I ride is a learning experience.. so I have learned. This winter, I will be going down to Ocala, Florida during the months of January and February. I will be competing at big events such as Rocking Horse, Ocala Horse Properties, Poplar Place HT, etc. At those events, I can advertise your products with banners on my horses’ stalls. I also am very active on Instagram (@nt_eventing) and will be able to post about your products online. I have quite a bit of friends on Facebook as well and I post about my horses a lot. Every post I make I will use the hashtag #BofBNextTopRider to also help promote Bit of Britain. I’d be able to show all my friends how great Bit of Britain’s products are.

I’d be so honored if Bit of Britain chose me to sponsor in 2017. I would constantly be endorsing their products to help promote their site. I love their products and I order from them all the time. I hope Bit of Britain considers me as a possible candidate!

This is the link to my Instagram account & Facebook account where I’d be posting all about Bit of Britain’s wonderful products.